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ROYAL MISWAK ~ I have ordered this miswak before and after knowing that this was the exact same type of miswak used by Nabi Muhammad SAW, it made me love it even more. Before this my order was for a box of 5. the latest order was a box of 10. It was perfect for me to give out to friends and family so that they can together enjoy doing the sunnah of Nabi Muhammad SAW. The box was just lovely and classy. Even the individual miswak holder makes it seem very very classy and grand. Overall, this has been one of the best products I have found online ever.

Muhammad Haikal Bin Anwar

KIDS TELEKUNG ~ Product was well received, quality was really good and fits my daughter perfectly, love the fact that there is no need for an inner and my kids look super neat with no messy hair coming out. Will definitely recommend to others. Kids love them too.

Fatimah Masayu

GLOSSY STICKERS ~ Purchased the glossy sticky labels for my sister. I think this is the second time i purchase. Sticker tip top great job. Anyway thank you so much. *Super many thumbs Up* i bagi 5 bintang u. :D!!!


MOROCCAN ARGAN OIL ~ after applying about 1 mth.. i can feel my hair is much more smooth. less frizzy hair. i apply on my face and beard too.. and it works the same.. the smooth feeling.. an awesome product.

Fadhli Bin Kamis

CUSTOM BAGS ~ Plastic bag with the logo memang awesome. Love the quality of the plastic very steady gitu. 😘😘😘😘 Really fall in love with the artwork.

Norimah Emma

About Our Services

I love spending time in their website. There is so much to learn through quotes and there's related video too. There are product's reviews that is easy to navigate below each product webpage and make decision easier.

Thank you guys!

Sha Dee

It was a great experience to purchase from you guys. Easy and convenient to purchase miswak through sunnah store.

Mohamed Zahhid

Fast reply. Seller friendly and sincere. Items packed nicely. Fuss free transaction. Seller thoughtfully gave me detailed instructions on how to get to her place. Otherwise I would have spent 35 unnecessary mins in the bus (due to Google map).

Serena Ong

Package was delivered well and promptly. Delivery was made almost immediately after payment. Alhamdulillah carried amanah from the muamalat well :)

Akmal Zakwan

Great seller! Trustworthy and prompt in delivering MasyaAllah thanks for the dua. Aminn. May Allah increase you in rizki and ease all your affair daily. Continue selling sunnah products bro!