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*Out of operating hours response are of a kind gesture and may take a longer time to respond.

Bank Transfer / PayNow (Singapore)
Bank transfer and PayNow is adopted to avoid any card fees incurred when using card payment. In doing so, we ensure that you will have the best rates possible when making a purchase with us.

Payment instruction is provided after an order is successfully submit at checkout page and customer has access to view the instruction again on their order confirmation email.

Card Payment (Singapore & Other Countries)
We understand that customers may sometimes prefer the convenience of paying for their purchases using their card (Visa, MasterCard). As such, we accept Card payment in addition to the more popular options of payment such as using Bank Transfer or PayNow – Customers wanting to help us to avoid paying the 3.2% + 50¢ card fee is offered at checkout page. This fee is imposed by 3rd party financial providers processing the payment.

NO PAYMENT IS TAKEN from your card until we have verified that your order is submitted correctly /or when payment has successfully received through Bank Transfer and PayNow. Check your payment status changed to "PAID" via your Store Account.

For more information, an order confirmation email is sent - use the email search panel to find your order number in case it auto-filter to spam inbox or another folder.