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elhisan, ID

Eyeliner - Celak Tarim (2 pieces)

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Consist of 2 pieces in total (1 in each tube).

Origin from Tarim, Town in Yemen
Distributed by elhisan from Indonesia.

Made from itsmid stone and mixed with zam zam water.

  • Safe for kids and adults use.
  • Treating minor eye pain.
  • Curl and grow lashes.
  • Beautify and sharpen the eye line.
  • Helps remove dirt in the eyes.
  • Clear the eyes and eye membranes.

Each piece can last for 1-month or more, depending on usage.

Hadith - Tirmizi, Narrated Ibnu Abbas: The Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) said, "Use eyeliner with al-itsmid, because it can brighten your eyes and grow eyelashes".

Sunnah way is to apply al-itsmid every night before going to sleep. 3-times on each eye, starting with the right eye first and next, the left eye.