May Allah سبحانه و تعالى reward all of you who have shown your love and support to our family of 7+1, the SyukSha MFAKRU ░Syukor (Syuk) and Sharifah (Sha) with 5 beautiful daughters, Maryam Fatima Asiya Khadijah Rabi'ah, and beloved son, 'Umar Al-Faroq (he returned to our creator in Apr-2021)░

Syuk career has been stolen from him during the plan-demic tightening measures. We live at the utmost humble and yet very grateful way that anyone could ever imagine when our main source of income was quickly cut off after 4-years of commitment and dedication - yet all of this does not matter from those evil-doer sight.

What is truly and will always be that indeed sufficient for us when knowing our living and fortune is only tied to Allah. Truly, Allah is Ar-Razzaq (The All-Provider)! Allahu Akbar! We are still able to provide our children education with what was left. All of this, Allah willed it upon us when we remained patience and always in acceptance. Your du'a is the best gift we could ever ask from you. Jazakumullahu Khayran for your continuous du'a and support, Aamiin ya rabb.

We're sorry that some products are not possible to restock at the moment and we faced challenges that it had to remain sold out.

The timeline behind these businesses, there are indeed blessings in every hardship, and here's part of our stories.

Sunnah One-Stop Store was created in 2015 and Allah willed our intention to revive the Sunnah at ease, Subhan Allah. It was structured, built overnight, and everything was running in bliss ever since, including this website, Allahu Akbar! Alongside partnering with e-AIDter©, formerly known as id-Booth SG where everything was made possible back in 2013, it has reminded us that efforts and of any size progression does count. Our humble progression reports were part of saving a roof above our heads. For 4 years of securing our home and almost taken away, do not be despair as Allah has reserved this home for our family. Made plenty of du'a, place our trust on Allah and boost our Imaan. Al-Hamdulillah, we had experienced His miracles.

e-AIDter© is a team of Shopify experts with Shopify community support background and embracing it to the business community in mind. Short and never simple but great achievement, Al-Hamdulillah.

In 2017, an 'emergency' food art of Bedal-lo is an unconditional love towards late mom's signature dish (she returned to our creator in Apr-2019). In that year, it was mentally, physically, and emotionally challenged when many careers were affected by Singapore's economy. Desperately, we stayed committed to our newfound passion for the food business so to feed our children and sealing the holes on our roof. Living expenses here are expensive and despite all of the challenges, we thank Allah we had no other recurring loans, Al-Hamdulillah.

Our beautiful mom has shown strong support towards our food art business and now she has returned (to our creator who gave us life and cause death), cooking is a way we show our love towards having beautiful memories with her. May she be with the pious people, be awaken with Imaan, and always be loved, Aamiin ya rabbal alamiin.

With your continuous support towards our movement through "Miracle Deeds Indeed In Need" ( MDeedsIIN ), we are chosen to be part of this adventure as a blessing act as One Ummah. Continuous built in our faith with the right intention of helping the needy, reviving the Sunnah, more of such products will be introduced and not only it will benefit us, it will also be rewarding in the hereafter. When we sincerely choose to share (only Allah knows best), our rewards will be multiplied, سبحان الله Allah is great! الله أكبر