May Allah سبحانه و تعالى reward all of you who have shown your love and support to our family of 7, the SyukSha MFAKR ░Syukor and Sharifah with 5 of our beautiful young children aged below 6, Maryam Fatima Asiya Khadijah Rabi'ah░

There are blessings in hardship behind these businesses and we find it is time we share parts of it.

Sunnah One-Stop Store was created in the year when Asiya was born in 2015, Allah willed it with ease upon us, it was created overnight and everything was running in bliss ever since, including this website, Allahu Akbar! Along with its partner id-Booth SG where everything was made possible in the year the twins (Maryam Fatima) was born in 2013. We saved our home with an essay written to an MP on id-Booth SG progression. It wasn't much but it helped to confirm a roof that we had it secured for 4 years and was almost taken away from us. Its movement Bedal-lo, the love of our beloved late mom's signature dish, 2017 was a year of emotionally, mentally and physically challenged. We had help from social service, desperately committed to cooking to feed our 3 children and saving our roof ones again. Living in Singapore is expensive. Our beautiful mom had been a great support towards this movement until she has returned to our creator in 2019. May she with the pious people, be awaken with Imaan and always be loved, Aamiin ya rabbal alamiin.

id'Crafty Store + wi-lifestylish in exploring new adventure when Khadijah was born in the same year 2017. As months goes by and the mortgage was unpaid as we only had sufficient for food expenses. Al-Hamdulillah, our appeal to HDB was cared for in time of bad economy and Syukor finally secured back into career life. Even without any CPF or benefits ties to his current career, it is sufficient for us to have a roof again to shelter. Allah is indeed all provider! Despite everything, we were able to give our children an education with what was left. id'Crafty Store + wi-lifestylish does still needs a lot of work and slowly but surely it's brand will flourish someday with your support.

2019 after Rabi'ah is born, e-AIDter is a team of Shopify experts with Shopify community support background and embracing it to the business community in mind.

With your continuous support towards our movement through MDeedsIIN, you are chosen to be part of our adventure as a blessing act as One Ummah. InShaAllah with the right intention of helping the needy, reviving the Sunnah, more of such products will be introduced and not only it will benefit us, it will also be rewarding in the hereafter. When you sincerely choose to share (only Allah knows best), your rewards will be multiplied, سبحان الله Allah is great! الله أكبر