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Siwak Noir, NL

Siwak Bamboo Holder Set

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Unique Siwak from the Blessed Olive Tree with Siwak Noir's elegant and all-natural Bamboo Holder - a piece of art! Guarantees a high-quality product that is 100% ecological bamboo, 100% natural and naturally degradable!

A set consist
1 x 100% Natural Bamboo Holder
1 x Olive Siwak (inside the holder)

There is a small hole at the bottom of the holder that makes it not airtight and this allows the Siwak to breathe. It does slow down the form of mold when it is accidentally placed back in when Siwak is wet. To help prevent the development of mold, the Siwak is highly recommended to naturally air dry before placing it back into the holder.

The reason behind mold starts forming is when it occurs that one would place the Siwak in the holder while it’s wet, also, a dry and cool place combined with something that is wet too will without a doubt the mold will start forming up.