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Birthing War - The Beginning

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The book contains 9 chapters, includes wisdom quotes and sayings. Simple drawings on the actual scene were done by the author. All identity in this book is protected - There is no revealing of names, addresses on any occasion. These efforts may not be avoidable, from the readers to guess who, what and where. (read more on copyrights page)

A nonfiction book titled, Birthing War - The Beginning, written by an author based in Singapore. It is a book that unfolds stories rarely found and not always beautifully painted. This is about the beginning, the first part of the journey into the birthing war where any woman may encounter but may not be discovered, as they would be told to remain silent.

The author forwards her prayer into action, that by sharing these relived stories, you ought not to be feeling alone, you are never alone.

This book includes Islamic writing such as verses from the Qur'an that invites all readers, including non-muslim to engage in the author's life-changing events. It is meant for everyone - we all live under the same sun. The author has received tremendous help from encouraging and strong women around the world to succeed - which shall be reminded and shared in the coming book, InShaAllah (if Allah wills).

We pray you will enjoy reading this book and accept our sincere apologies for any shortcoming.

Sending you love and prayers,
Syuk Sha Bayt and Team.