Coolest Added Features

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Coolest Added Features

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Message from Sharifah S.

Awesome everyday lovelies! This post can totally relate on having a hard break up and away being a blogger. Blogspot? Heard about it, yeay totally right. Here's the thing about the codes wrap around your website, A lot of it could be complication but if you breathe through it without missing a step by using the manuals that I am about to share here, you will unlock --- oh oh, more of unleashing your skills that you're missing so much on. In fact better then those days you hack those codes during your blogspot days! Yeah that is right bloggers! I am about to share you the coolest added features that you could apply on your own for your business website.

Reach me out if you need me to check your installation for free on after built support base and S$7.00-S$11.00 for those website that is not built by me. Hire me to install it for you at $39.00 for each installation.

Comment below, stated with the [C##] and we will be in touch with you as soon as we can. Please re-frame from adding contact numbers. We will obtain your contact details via e-mail or whatsapp for those we have in records. Thank you.

Knowing the basic first

Major importance is to make a backup of your theme files.

When you're ready to try some customizations, the first thing you should do is make a duplicate copy of your theme. Use the duplicate copy as your working version until you're ready to publish it.

Let's dance into the coolest features! Simply click on the images below to view on the installation manual.

[C01] Add a delivery date picker to your cart page

    [C02] Collect information from your customers with cart attributes

      [C03] Get customization information for products with line item properties

      [C04] Recommend related products to your customers

      [C05] Allow pre-order for products

      [C06] Add tabs to product descriptions

      [C07] Add a back to top button on long pages

      [C08] Add a back in stock notification form

      [C09] Ask your customers how they heard about your store

      [C10] Add an order form to your store


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