Message from Sharifah S.

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Message from Sharifah S.

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As Salamu Alaykum and greetings all,

to our support blog related to website builder. This blog is managed by me and associate with extra ordinary team that will share tips + insight on upgrading your skills and knowledge.

A short introduction, I am Sharifah S. the founder of id-Booth SG© since 2013. A mother to 4 beautiful daughters, youngest was born 2017 and my birth year in 1987 --- in case you are thinking of calling me aunty or kakak, heheh. Just "Sharifah" is puurrrfect. I love fishing, painting, be there in times of trouble and love creating. Had always been workaholic in rank & file, management and even being mentored by leaders before my passion are made full-time and turning into extra coffeeholic, guess that is my true joy! Alright, that is less of me, let's get to the main reason of all this.

So much excitement upon creating this blog. Always ensuring you have the best after-built-support. Your website is designed, created with so much passion and consistency to meet your expectation on running a business with enjoyable operation in mind so you will never feel alone ever again.

This blog is only by invites. The invitations are sent to our clients who can benefit from our after-built-support, to our potential clients who already have a website built by their own using Shopify platform without using our services and seeking for tips and advise.

This blog is shared in our Facebook group ~ Opportunity Crafty Muslim. Join us if you hadn't. Feel free to leave comments on any blog that you have read so we are able to share more on how, when, what, where, why and whatever that is within our means. We encourage you to comment below with a short introduction of yourself with your business links and the products you are selling for better exposure.

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  • Maria

    Assalammualaikum Sharifsh abd fellow brothers and sisters..

    Thanks Sharifah for allowing a space here for me to share.

    Itnhas always been my dream to own a store. Be a business owner, running the shop. In shaa Aah one day that will come by.

    So I settle for online shop. I started way back in 2011. I have no experience but I am determined that this online shop will be a success.

    For 7 years, I had been selling different stuffs from Muslimahs Busanas to Hijabs. Finally I decided to sell products that caters to essential needs.

    Selling through online especially in social media can be challenging especially when U do not have the jeez of it.

    I was introduced to Sharifah who gave her utmost advice and assurance in building a great webstore.

    Feel free to browse through:

  • Sharifah S.

    Jazak Allahu Khayran Brother Solehin. It is a blessed to have you onboard. The knowledge you’ve shared here will be a great source to upgrade our gears in making our business better and also as a person on how we make our process and daily productivity better too. Till today I still apply it in my businesses. Looking forward!

  • Solehin

    Hi, Sharifah S. and fellow readers, I would just like to say that we are blessed to have a space here to share.
    I am beginning to see the value a strong network provides for the people in it, sharing resources, skills, talent, knowledge all done in the bid to benefit all parties included. The growth mentality is something I am embracing because sometimes I like to blame myself for not making enough progress before but as I calm myself and look back at my work, I accept them as my early beginnings and it left me smiling to myself widely ?
    That said I would like to be offering myself out there to experience new things and let EVERYONE know about it! My business is to poke into other people’s business. Through our discoveries together, we then part ways with the tools/knowledge to apply and work out till the day we meet once more, we do it all over again! I participate in many contractual offers though most of the time I’d prefer to do it voluntarily without any expectation in return. InsyaAllah know that if everything goes smoothly, like a breeze ? it is meant for us. So do write to me if you do want to start a conversation with me, Feel free

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