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Nazif Miswak, ID

Starter Pack Miswak

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A box consist
3 x Fresh Premium Miswak (Mixed Flavor)
1 x Mumtaz Case*

BONUS, only available in Indonesia language:
2 x Pocket-Sized Books
(titled 'Dzikir Pagi dan Petang' and another book title is picked randomly)
2 x Mini Bookmarks with Quote Reminders

*Storage Case is without any ventilation hole.

Sunnah One-Stop Store recommendation is to store the miswak only when it is dry if not regularly use. OR place the used miswak inside the case while temporarily removing the top until it is dry before sealing the case back. This is to prevent the miswak from becoming moldy when it is not regularly used.

    Each premium flavored miswak has a soft taste (about 30%), so the original miswak's distinctive aroma doesn't just disappear in the Lemon, or Mint taste. This product is very suitable for all ages, especially for those who have not gotten used to miswak on regular basis.

    Origin from Pakistan, miswak is cut from the Salvadora Persica tree, also known as the Peelu or Arak tree. The miswak is the oldest toothbrush in history and it is Sunnah.

    What's Sunnah?
    Habits + Practices + Deeds + Sayings of The Messenger of Allah ~ Nabi Muhammad (ﷺ)
    It also defined as "a path, a way, a manner of life."