The Understanding

Who are we?
We are reliable stockist / distributor for the following brands.

  • Sweet Sunnah New York
  • Siwak Noir Netherlands
  • Beard Organics LLC. USA

We owned our own brands.

  • One Ummah
  • wi-lifestylish

As a growing business, we always find an opportunity with the support of the community. Especially having One Ummah working towards spreading the love of Sunnah without barriers.


Trusted Retailer will purchase products at discounted prices with a very low min. order during our restocking period and earn the majority of its profit base on the marketing drive, manage the closing sales, processing and ensuring the goods are delivered in good condition. The Trusted Retailer is responsible for the whole process, including 'after sales support'.


Bee program allow you to only focus more on getting sales through your marketing commitments. You'll earn from the efforts on closing each sales. Our fulfilment team will complete your fulfilment process such as packaging and ensuring your customers received their goods in good condition. 'After sales support' is cared for by both retailer and our support team.

Grow your business?
The product images, reviews and information found in our website is made available for our retailers to use for marketing purposes. Our respective Bee's profile stickers will be on customer's parcel. This way, customer will be able to continue doing business with our dedicated Bee for their next purchase. Fill up form now!