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Shaykh Abul Hasan Muhyiddin ibn Hasan ibn Mar'i al-Kurdi, Damascus

On the car journey to visit Shaykh AbulHasan Muhyiddin al-Kurdi, Habib Ali al-Jifri kept repeating to me that he looked like the Companions of the Prophet.

He also added that Shaykh Abul Hasan did not like to be photographed, something I had hoped not to hear. As we entered the house of this distinguished shaykh and teacher of Qur'anic recitation, I took one look at his face - at once ancient and timeless -and immediately felt a sense of awe.

Before me was an exceedingly vast soul. We sat and talked. The Shaykh asked about me. Eventually, we broached the delicate subject of taking his photograph.

I held my breath, as by this time I really wanted to photograph him.

His response was "Don't ask!" - meaning that I should just do it, because if we asked, he would have to say, "No."

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  • Sabtu

    As a being that is reluctant to be photographed at times, bless my closest loved ones who had this same urge to still the moments that truly matter to me personally. Most probably is to stay away from vanity, but whenever there is the opportunity to gaze into the past together and pulling up those photos taken together does pull you out of some of the lows of life.

    Please also do take the time to visit the wonderful photographer’s website and look through his lens of the Islamic world. (I could’nt help but share guys, no apologies there!)

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