Instagram Marketing Dos and Don’ts

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Instagram Marketing Dos and Don’ts


Set up a good bio. 

People are supposed to check out your Instagram profile all the time, so you better be able to let them know who you are and what you have to offer the first few seconds they are on your profile.

Otherwise, they’re just going to leave. 

Again, straight to the point bio is ideal. Make use of all the features and add all the important information – contact number, email address, website, etc. 

Make sure that it’s going to be easier for them to contact you in case they need to buy something from you.

Post regularly. 

It’s important to post on a regular basis. Ideally, at least once a day. The audience and engagement can help you determine how often you should post and what time of the day.

Tag your locations.

If you have to attend an interesting event, having collaboration with known influencers or brands, tagging your resources would come in many advantages. There is a good possibility for your posts to get reshared and get a bigger audience.

Use filters right. 

Make sure to put an effort making your content more visually appealing. While the most important thing in your business is to deliver the message, you’re still on Instagram, which means, you’re still on the platform meant to share beautiful photos and videos.

Be one of the tribes.

This is the most important thing when it comes to Instagram business. The key to building a relationship with your following is making engagement and interactions with them.

To gain someone’s loyalty, you want to make them feel like you acknowledge their presence. Like their comments, reply to them, follow them back – they will appreciate it and they will love you more.

Use hashtags.

Yes, using too many hashtags on a post might seem too spammy, but there’s a way to get away with that. 

That is instead of writing the hashtags in the caption, just write it on the comments. 

Better if you wait for people to leave at least a couple of comments before you leave the hashtags, it’s easier for the hashtags to get buried away if you do it like that.

Always think about what your goal is.

With most businesses, their main goal is to gain more followers or get new clients. Do all the things you can to reach those goals. 

You want them to check out your site? Let them know! Or maybe you want them to contact you … then make sure to provide them with your contact information!  

Learn how to use call-to-action properly and in no time, you will be able to learn how it works wonder.


Only focus on high-quality photos.

Instead of aiming to just give them some eyegasm, you’d also want to give them something they can relate to. After all, that’s more important. 

Furthermore, don’t be afraid to show them some behind the scene of how your business run. 

Your followers will feel more connected to you when you show a personal business level with them.

Post too many times a day.

The ideal number is only 1 to 2 times a day. Posting too many contents a day may annoy your followers and they may lead for you get unfollowed.

Mix your personal profile and business profile together.

There should be a fine line between what you should share and what you should keep away from professional purposes. 

Your profile should be about your business – unless you run your account as an influencer, it will be quite inappropriate to share your selfies in it or other things that are not relevant to the product you are trying to sell.

Forget adding captions. 

Your content wouldn’t mean anything without the caption. Use your creativity and make captions that are captivating! Tell people about the photo and use this opportunity to add CTA.

Post content consecutively. 

If you are planning to add multiple photos in the same day, you may want to space them out. If you are planning different photos of the same thing, you may even want to post them a day apart. 

You don’t want to annoy your followers with the same content because they may unfollow you. 

Furthermore, because the Instagram algorithm is hard to read, it would be easier for more of your followers to see your posts about the same subject in case they missed it the first time you uploaded.

Upload photos that are a screenshot.

Do yourself a favor and don’t upload anything that is a screenshot. Not only it will look unprofessional, but the quality is just pixilated and bad. Make an effort to only choose photos taken by you.


You don’t have to spend hours contemplating what to upload or what to write as a caption. Just stop.

Instead of spending too much of your time thinking too much, why don’t you spend your energy engaging with your followers?

The key is using creativity and being yourself.

Easy right? Earning money on Instagram by running a business on it shouldn’t be too complicated, as you can see on the dos and don’ts mentioned above.

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