What's Ditto?

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What's Ditto?

Have an insight on my recommendation for a new browsing and windows navigation experience. This piece will soon cover the integration with other apps that I deem are my essentials for computing. I shall introduce to you the first tool, Ditto clipboard! You have guessed it right from the get-go ditto has some relation to copy. Everytime you hit the infamous shortcut control Ctrl+C, you are obtaining a 'clip' of information stored for 'paste'. The revelation here is that your highly advanced computer actually stores hundreds of them but you find yourself only being able to paste the most recently copied clip. So after a long while staring out at the lush greens just out of your home office window, some of us (and you reading this) starts to wonder "Surely I am able to access that storage and paste any clip I had copied in any order and at anytime! I'd bet my melons on it". 

  1. Installation

  2. Help! It's hidden, what the tray...

  3. Basics

  4. App applications

  5. Clip grouping

  6. Cleaning database (coming soon!)

  7. Shortcut productivity (coming soon!)

  8. Advanced Features (coming soon!)

  9. Exploration (coming soon!

(1) Installation

Feeling understanding and reflecting that you indeed require such a tool after reading the introduction (or did you?), you decided to install the software. Here's the link to the official download site: https://sourceforge.net/projects/ditto-cp/files/Ditto/ After download has been prepared, you do the usual clicking of the "Download button" and open your Downloads folder and run the setup.exe. While dusting your trusty IT boosting think-cap, you keep hitting the next button till successful installation. Past this stage, you don your lucky cap and brace for more with a grin across your face.

(2) Help! It's hidden, what the tray....
You calmly compose yourself and like every better amateur you look through your Start Menu and find Ditto. After running the application from the Menu, you once again calmly seek out this 'tray' which sits at the corner of your 'task-bar' (should be by the bottom right by default) click the triangle icon which pops open the tray and nested within it is Ditto, magnifico. Proceed to right click above the icon and select Options. Gulp, further down the Rabbit hole, but not to worry, I am here with you friend.

(3) Basics
From copy>switch window>paste>copy>switch window>paste. Your new flow would be copy>copy>switch window>paste>paste. This simple revelation would be able to save your sanity as you go about with your daily computer tasks. You begin to reclaim your humanity and unwind your robotic self! Oh, I sidetracked a little there, by default, you may 'pop open' the copy clipboard by Alt+/. You should have noticed that there is a sort order for the copied clippings. The more you know.

(4) App applications
Feeling the flex in your brain muscles and being enthralled with your new found discovery of this priceless gift, You request more insights on how it benefited me personally. Well thank you for asking such a good question, the following are several ways it's of real help:

  • Updating news across your online platforms

  • Keeping vital clippings as memos/reminders for referencing

  • Quick response library to reply FAQ s submitted on your platforms

  • Copy-writing, as the name implies

  • Several handy URLs to-go with labels  (always test them though)

  • Word-banks for language translations

  • Attaching, uploading files through copy>paste function (limited)

  • Clip difference (requires collaboration with external app)

  • Syntax code blocking - reduces typing spellchecker errors

  • For expansion

(5) Clip grouping

You immensely grow and look back at the vast leaps and strides of progress you made thus far. Impressive! Though things are beginning to get cluttered, which is completely understandable for somebody who has been giving their fullest at the projects they are leading to better lives. See, there is a feature the bright developers of Ditto has done which is 'Group' clips. Everyone has to be organized at some point if they wish to go long term in anything and what a blessing to have all the URLs to be stored in a place neatly for example. What's more if you are on a shared computer or if somebody else requires access to it. There is no better way to make the statement that you are in control other than being a little neat freak. Think about WOWs you can get!

(6) Cleaning database
Coming soon! (This piece has been written when the author's mind was wandering, it's now distracted with unnecessary update videos on things remotely helpful to uplift to his life out of mediocrity)

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