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Blue Cutter Case Starter Kit

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AWARD-WINNING Cutter Case is the first miswak accessory of its kind. Balancing quality, aesthetics, and functionality in one product, it is the ideal solution to cutting, peeling and storing your miswak on the go.

Tutorial specially made for you, may it benefit all of us, Aamiin ya rabb.
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The Starter Kit
has everything you need to get the full miswak experience.

Complex features built into a slick exterior.

  • Stainless Steel blades for cutting and peeling the miswak.
  • Dishwasher-safe copolyester tube to keep the miswak clean.
  • Ventilation holes to allow for moisture retention and mold prevention.
  • Automatic blade-locking mechanism to ensure safety during storage.
  • Bilingual cap (English & Arabic) to celebrate the intersection of cultures.

The cutter case helps to peel, separate, cut and store the miswak. It is designed with functionality in mind.


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