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Cambodian Oud Agarwood Perfume (unisex)

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QTY [ 1 oz / 30 ml ]

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  • Black Seed oil and a proprietary blend of essential oils and resins.

Oud is Agarwood. Fine and rich aromas swirl and rise across the globe, enhancing the spiritual essence that originates from deep within the soul. Agarwood is an acquired taste, at least to Western sensibilities. Deep, rich, earthy, and personal; its sweet yet sharp balsamic woodiness will enter you through all of your senses. Beyond a pleasant smell, a drop of agarwood will softly cascade through your lungs, your mind, your body, and your spirit, taking total possession of you. You will smell that drop all day; the body heats, the heart expands, and other scents retreat in the presence of oud. Oud is sexuality, passion, ecstasy, and love. Oud is wild, evoking the primitive, the ancientness, the holiness, and the sensuality of the world and all of its histories from within the male wearer. He is compelling, in a way that satisfies the Japanese obsession with subtlety and refinement, and has gripped the hearts and souls of the people of the Arabian Gulf.

The appreciation of agarwood in the rest of the world runs sporadically like veins of resin through a piece of wood. It has always been a part of the French Perfume floracopeia.


Ideal usage is after a shower/bath and while the body is slightly damp.

Perfume oil is filled into a glass roller ball bottle for easy application and use. Single roll on your hand wrist OR palm first before applying lightly to your body, depending on your desired scent strength. The scent can be very strong for those who applied directly and excessively on clothing.