Our Ramadan Activities

27 May 2018, After Zhr Before Asr
- - - Facebook Live via Sunnah One-Stop Store Page.

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In this event, we will be selling off all O-Shirts at discounted price with selective products as well. Sales amount will partially goes to charity.

From 1st June 2018 onwards
- - - Blessing FREE Bento.
Aiming to send out 39-50 bento over 13 locations or more. Structure of 1 bento (for single) to max 3 bento (for family). Can be more than 3 depending on response. We welcome donor who would like to be part of this cause.

Visit Bedal-lo to fill up the form for both receiver or donor.

QUICK UPDATES: Al-Hamdulillah, we have hit our MAX bento. Subhan Allah, you can continue to fill up the form in case we need replacement for cancellation if any.