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Sweet Sunnah™, NY

Black Seed Ground (Original)

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Black Seed (Habbatus Sauda) shared at 4:51

QTY [ 6 oz / 180 g ]

Black Seed Ground by Sweet Sunnah© is a non-GMO, non-irradiated, pesticide, and gluten-free. Offer the right nutritional partner to guide you towards a healthy lifestyle.*READ MORE

Do not consume during pregnancy. As a reminder, discuss the supplements and medicines you take with your health care providers.

3 teaspoonful of Black Seed ground twice daily (1 teaspoon of the Black Seed oil is equivalent to 2.5 - 3 teaspoons of Black Seed ground)

Sprinkle on meals as you would any seasoning, add to blended smoothies, or to your cosmetic products for super skin exfoliation. Can be mixed in any hot or cold beverage. You can also add into the honey of your choice and create your own black seed honey!

Im glad I tried it
"At first I did not want to use Black Seed because of the way it looked. But my friend kept insisting that it would make me feel better. I have many health problems. I started taking the black seed and my energy picked up and my cholesterol went down. I now recommend it to everyone." - Sheila Jennings from Philidelpia, PA US