ONE Collection

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ONE Collection

Bismillahirrahmanirrahim. As-Salamu Alaykum Readers~
A very good day and everyday to all.
May this Newsletter reaches you well, Aamiin.

We are sorry that we have not write in for quite sometime. Plus you have not been forgotten and we pray you well. Do remember us in your prayers too brothers and sisters. We have been busy planning on ways to keep the message on reviving the Sunnah lively and if you have not heard, we are now going into food business and pray that this too enlighten our struggles, Aamiin ya rabb.

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ONE Collection by Sunnah One-Stop Store family is born to spread the love of Sunnah through clothing “O-Shirts” and badges “O-Badges”. Sending an impactful message through clothing which is not only about being unique or in style but also inspiring others to be motivated on giving life to those meaningful words. May it be rewarding in this life as 1 ummah and in our hereafter through this movement, Aamiin ya rabbal alamiin.

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