Worth of Good'ness

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Worth of Good'ness

As Salamu Alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh
A wonderful blessing Friday to all!
We pray you are in the best of health and imaan.
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We're so excited to keep you updated and never miss the goodness ever! We had been working very hard to maximize your shopping experience and working towards achieving something that we had never thought of doing. The struggling is real and is all worth it. Here is something worth reading.

Have you been recommending our products + services to your friends and families? Wow how wonderful knowing the numerous recommendation that you have shared. Al-Hamdulillah. Know more about rewards points given to you, awesome people ~ this is a lifetime rewarding! Earn points for each and every time when the person you recommended shops online! Your thoughtful gesture is truly appreciated! Blessed your beautiful hearts!

Did you notice our store is growing? More added products? YES & YES! We are bringing in more products into our store and we care. They are special. They are not only carefully source but they are our Companions. Visit our dedicated companion's webpage, pour your love and support. They are really wonderful to work along side with. You'll be able to accumulate points too when you chose to shop their products through us. Our companions are:
Blooms by RS | Flower Stylist
"Every flower blooms in it's own time"​

Aleeyah Sofia x Chew N' Glow​
Affordable. Beautiful. Modest. Healthy​

E'n'S Products
Argan Oil | 100% Original
*Contact us with your short introduction, contact details if you would like to be part of our companions too!
November is near and it is our founder's birthday, the core person behind all of this. In remembrance of Allah's blessings,  NOV-SPECIAL PROMO throughout the month of November 2017.

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11% Discounts:
Applies to all products except for our Companion's products​.

3 x Rewards Points:
Applies to all products including Companion's products.

Order Online & Create a Store Account:
Applies to all customers.
All products refers to products listed under the following collections: Sunnah One-Stop Store, id-Booth SGid'Crafty Store and Companions, unless stated.

Discount code commence 1 nov 2017
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